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Baby Never Looked So Good!

Sweet 16 – Farmington Childrens Photography October 26, 2011

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Love love love her smile. At sweet 16 months, this little miss is too cute! I am lucky enough to have her as a model again now that her family has moved back to Utah, YAY!! Little misses mama happens to be a dear friend of mine. She is specially adorable to me because I have been able to photographer her since she could hear her mama’s heart from the inside 🙂 The last photo of her in her halloween costume is just for her mama who said she thinks it’s cute. I think it’s the best ladybug face ever!


Mine – Farmington Photographer Cortney Jones April 28, 2011

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These two are mine.

A very special and BIG thank you to Rachel for bringing over your duckies Pee, Bee, and Jay, ha ha I just got that right now, LOL!! You made my kids day and it was so so good to see you and catch up a little.


Ellie’s one-year-old photos! January 26, 2011

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Ellie is a favorite girl of mine because I have been photographing her since she was just two days old. Now Eliie is ONE! I can’t hardly believe she has grown up so fast. She also happens to share a birthday with my little man, my little lover muffin.

Here are a few shots we got in our little mini-session. She has such an expressive face, I just LOVE IT! She has always been a great model for me and this time was just the same.

Here’s to a great year at age 1 Ellie!


Miley – Layton Childrens Photography January 12, 2011

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CUTIE ALERT!! Such a doll and was really adorable with her flower. Miley is baby Nola’s older sister. I think this family needs to have a whole big house full of children. Their two little girls are gorgeous! Miley’s big doe eyes were so pretty and she was so patient with the big crazy skirt that I was thinking future model for sure 🙂

A special thank you to Miley’s parents. You are going to have your hands full when that one starts dating. I’m glad I was able to capture some images you can always look back on and remember when…


Abby, Hannah, and Keaton – Ogden Children Photography November 16, 2010

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These kiddos did so great! It was a fun session too. We had so many options for where to take photos and all the leaves were b-e-a-utiful! When they showed up I was shocked at how grown up they all looked and acted.

Sisters! Putting the two of them together was easy. They both just knew how to being loving and show off their personality to the camera.

Mom loves closes up of their faces and it’s no wonder, they are gorgeous children. This is Hannah. Aren’t her eyes are amazing. When I was sorting through the shots, I had many I had to tone down her eyes just so your eye would wonder around the image. If I hadn’t you would just get lost in them!

Abby is the oldest. I was mesmerized but her. I have known her since she was a baby and as you can tell she is on the verge of being a teenager.

Keaton! Keaton was up a tree before I even had to ask. He and Hannah were like a couple of monkeys. It was really cute and fun to see them having such a good time. Keaton is the sweetest boy I have ever met. He is the boy that makes sure everyone has had a roasted marshmallow before he thinks to have one for himself (real life example.) He is also really great with his younger cousins.

One more, but don’t get lost in those eyes.


Big Brother, Little Brother – Sibling and Newborn Photography October 23, 2010

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This is the big brother.

Someone call Calvin Klein! This kid is a QT. And was super easy to work with.

Killer eye lashes, to die for dimples, and a sweet quiet nature.

This is the little brother.

You already knew he was going to be cute, admit it!

This one is very Spencer Rowell – L’Enfant – circa 1987. Much more modern, but has the same feel for me.

Of course he has the smile to end all smiles, just like his brother. Loved photographing these guys! Thanks to their mama who brought them in and for letting me photograph your oh so handsome little men. Man they are going to break a lot of hearts 🙂


Beautiful boomshell – Children Photography October 10, 2010

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Gizelle from the right angle looks like she could be 19 years old. In some of the photos with her new baby brother tucked into her arms, she emulates a young mother flawlessly. But she is not, she is young, too young to be mommy. When doing her session alone I wanted to be sure her youth was captured and that while she is beautiful, she looks her age.

Thanks Gizelle! Don’t grow up too fast!