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Baby Never Looked So Good!

My Cabott – Farmington Baby Photographer Cortney Jones October 31, 2011

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As many of you know I was expecting my third child in September…well here he is in all his new baby bliss. After a very long time of trying to decide on a name we chose Cabott. There is something about him that is quite intoxicating for me. I love to breath him in and snuggle close. He spends most of the day in our big bed so it was fitting to take photos of him there. Pure white for pure innocents made for really beautiful images. This was a very different style for me. It pushes me to both expand my skills and to learn new technical methods really making these some of my favorite kind of photos.


Big Brother, Little Brother – Sibling and Newborn Photography October 23, 2010

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This is the big brother.

Someone call Calvin Klein! This kid is a QT. And was super easy to work with.

Killer eye lashes, to die for dimples, and a sweet quiet nature.

This is the little brother.

You already knew he was going to be cute, admit it!

This one is very Spencer Rowell – L’Enfant – circa 1987. Much more modern, but has the same feel for me.

Of course he has the smile to end all smiles, just like his brother. Loved photographing these guys! Thanks to their mama who brought them in and for letting me photograph your oh so handsome little men. Man they are going to break a lot of hearts 🙂


Ava – Newborn photography October 20, 2010

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This little was is very special to her parents, as she is truly a miracle baby. Just look at that smile. She kept them coming too! Thanks to her lovely parents for letting me capture some of this wonderful time in the beginning on her new little life.


Bare belly maternity photography October 17, 2010

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Melissa pretty much couldn’t take a bad photograph. I tried all sorts of different angles and she is gorgeous in all of them. And that porcelain skin…all natural, I didn’t have to do a thing to it. She also happens to be incredibly sweet, good natured, and funny! As you can see from her AMAZING photos she was open to anything and allowed me to capture some really beautiful images of her bare belly. The baby boy in her belly is named Manolo. Isn’t that darling?! I love it and think it is a handsome name for her little one.


Lukas – Newborn Photography October 7, 2010

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Another Lukas! Lukas happens to be my mother’s FAVORITE name for a little boy. She tells me all the time she is going to call me son Lukas despite his real name being Ledger. This little guy’s shoot was practically perfect. He obviously gets his good looks from his mama, who is beautiful. And WOW! his sister STUNNING! More of them to come. For now just little handsome, want to nibbles those little back rolls, Lukas. Thank you to Joanne for letting me enjoy your little one so much. He made being a baby photographer easy and oh so fun!