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Tips from a professional maternity photographer July 18, 2011

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Here are some tips for the do it yourselfer’s…

1 – Use a self timer and experiment! Set the camera on a tripod or a higher piece of furniture and work those curves.

2 – Rub that belly. Before taking pictures remove elastic on your tummy for 1-2 hours and massage the belly with lotion.

3 – Wear tight fitting clothes or break out the cute boy shorts and tank tops and strike a pose.

4 – Ask a partner to stand on an area higher than you and shoot downwards towards the belly for a better view.

5 – Photograph yourself in the mirror (no flash).

6 – Simplify your surroundings – remove the clutter so you can focus on the tummy.

7 – If you have other children, get them involved. Ask them to take a picture or use a self timer on both of you.

And if you go the professional route:

1 – Do your research and find a photographer who specializes in pregnancy portraiture – and newborn too!

2 – Don’t settle – find a photographer whose work you enjoy and don’t just grab anybody.

3 – Decide where you are most comfortable- home or on-location such as the park.

4 – Get plenty of sleep before the big day.

5 – On the day of the shoot, eat a great big meal and lots of water. Pregnancy sessions can be tiring. You want to be well-fed and hydrated.

6 – Rest up and don’t stand too much before your session.

7 – If the veins in your hands are bulging, raise them up above your head for a few minutes between photos.

8 – Grab your partner, baby’s sibling or pets and include them in the photo.

9 – Bring sentimental items such as baby shoes, jewelry, or items handed down from other generations, and include them in the photo.

10 – Have fun and relax. There is no other time quite like this!


Tips from a professional newborn photographer July 13, 2011

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1 – Get a professional photographer if you can afford one. If seeking a professional photographer, find one that specializes in newborns. Some photographers will go to the home as well (I do home visits!) so inquire about that. When going to the photographer’s studio, make sure they are prepared to work with newborns and have items such as blankets, wipes, feathers and other necessities.

2 – Have your baby photographed early. I suggest that clients schedule their babies within 1-2 weeks – or within the first 10 days of life. Remember to include siblings as well.

3 – Keep babies warm during the session, especially if your little one is naked. Crank up the heat!

4 – Noise machines work great for fussy babies. If you do not have one, download noise machine sounds to your phone or put a CD in your computer.

5 – Babies love to be cozy – getting warm blankets or materials and laying them in a basket keeps them happy and sleepy.

6 – If possible, turn off the flash and work in natural light. Put the baby in a basket by a window. (the light is coming from the right in the photo above)

7 – Try shooting in black and white – it is classic and timeless.

8 – Get the baby parts! Hands, toes, lips will never be this small again! Get really close!

9 – Get closeups with Dad and Mom (or partners) – it’s a very precious time.

10 – Have patience. When unclothed, babies will poop and pee and make all sorts of messes! A little patience and a paper towel goes a long way!

Hope that helps a little.


In-Hospital Newborn Photography July 11, 2011

Cortney Jones brings her experience as an on-location newborn portrait and maternity photographer right to your hospital room to create amazing portraits of the newest addition to your family. Often using the window to take advantage of that great natural light, the portrait session takes place right in front of you. While your baby is the star of this portrait session, any special blankets, hats, or accessories are a welcome addition during the session. Portraits with mom, dad, or other family members can also be accommodated.

If your hospital is contracted with Bouncin’ Baby Photography there is no need to arrange your photo-shoot ahead of time.  Your professional mini photo-shoot will take place in the comfort of your hospital room. Online viewing and ordering is available for 2 weeks to anyone with whom you choose to share your password.

If your hospital is not contracted with Bouncin’ Baby simply call 801.333.3384.  You can book and schedule a session then I will come to your hospital or home within a day or two of your baby’s birth.


Most baby gifts are only used for a few weeks before baby grows out of them.  So, if you’re a grandparent to be, or a friend, consider giving a unique and thoughtful gift that will be enjoyed for generations.

Hospital newborn sessions are truly special.  The birth of a baby and the precious days that follow are full of breathtaking moments.  As parents, we know how precious those first days are and how quickly they pass, which is why we strive to document the tiny newborn features as they first appear.  Close-ups of baby, tiny hands and toes, and bonding moments with family are priceless memories that we capture during your session.  The newborn stage passes in breathtaking moments and upscale, professional photography will keep those memories flourishing for years to come.

Newborn photos are never scheduled too early. Call Bouncin’ Baby Photography if and when you know your baby’s due date to schedule an in-hospital appointment.  If you have a scheduled delivery date or for priority scheduling, please send me an e-mail at or give me a call at 801.388.3384 to let me know your due date and place of delivery. Add me to your list of people to call or text after the baby is born and we’ll set up the actual session.

If you would prefer to do your session in the comfort of your own home, newborn sessions should be conducted within 2 weeks of baby’s arrival.

A $50 deposit fee applies to any newborn or hospital session, for immediate family only.  Additional session fees will apply to sessions outside the 30-mile radius of Farmington Utah.

TIPS for a great photo shoot
In order to best prepare for your newborn photo session, please keep the following suggestions in mind:

–  Bring your favorite baby blanket or afghan from home for use in the photo shoot. Textured blankets look great!  Fuzzy, fluffy and soft photograph very well, and the blanket should be a solid color or have a very simple pattern. Bring a blanket for use as a background or to swaddle your baby.

–  I love to include parent’s hands in our photos.  Wear clear or neutral polish on the day of your shoot.  I want your baby to be the focus of the photos.

–  Bring a solid black, brown or grey shirt or cami  for you to wear in photos.  We may photograph your baby in your arms.  These colors look great in both color and black and white prints.

–  Your baby’s portrait session will also be posted on our password-protected online gallery for easy sharing with family and friends for 2 weeks.

–  I usually photograph baby in just a diaper. Newborns tend to swim in newborn size outfits so there is not need to bring a outfit for your session.  Hats and headbands make an adorable addition to any photo.

–  Boppy® pillows or other support pillows can be a good positioning aid for baby.


What to wear – Babies January 4, 2011

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Newborns: Less is better. A diaper cover is all you need and rather than a plain disposable one, these come in all sizes – even newborn – and a wide range of fun colors.

Bigger Babies and Crawlers: You probably have a closet filled with cute outfits, but this might not be the right time for layers and ruffles. It can be a disaster with a constantly scrunched-up baby. The more time spent tucking in a shirt + moving away a collar ruffle or pulling down a dress = more missed shots and an annoyed baby. Simple pieces like a fun onesie or diaper cover with some BabyLegs are adorable.

Walkers: Breakout the layers and fun outfits! Once your child can walk, a  skirt or dress with a cardigan, t-shirt with a button down top, etc are perfect. Keep it simple (nothing that needs to be tucked in) and comfortable! This makes life super easy during the outfit change too, just take the top layer off 🙂

Cake Smashers (age 1+): This is going to get really messy, really fast – so a colorful diaper cover is all you need! If you aren’t familiar with the concept it’s simple:

cake + child + camera = hilarious

Quick note: Accessories, hats and headbands are definitely cute, but not every child will wear a hat, so don’t force it. The hat-on hat-off scene is a sure way to upset a baby. If you have something special you want in the photos, consider practicing wearing it once or twice before the shoot. The more comfortable your child is, the better the photos will be!

Newborns and toddlers can be unpredictable,  it’s always a smart move to bring a second outfit.

These are just examples; you can find similar items at traditional stores like Old Navy, Gap, or Target.

Luvaboos:  Luvaboos is a natural parenting store and baby boutique that specializes in cloth diapers. Even if you’re a 100% disposable person, their covers are too adorable and totally fit over disposables!

  • Happy Heinys Pocket Trainer (orange) $15.95
  • Blueberry Cloth Trainers (green) $15.95
  • FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diaper (white) $17.95
  • Bummi Super Brite Diaper Cover (mixed) $12.25

Kitsel: Be sure to take a minute and browse their full line of T’s and onesies – they are too funny! The Mitetees “Production” personalized  onesie is a personal favorite.

  • Shabby Baby Hibiscus Dress $42
  • Felt Blooming Flowers Onesie $29
  • Headphones Onesie $23 (also comes as a t-shirt)
  • Chick Magnet T-shirt $22.95
  • See You Later, Alligator Onesie $28.00 (also as a short-sleeved onesie and t-shirt)

BabyLegs: This is one of the most brilliant items ever. They can be used as leggings in babies and toddlers, worn on the arms of children and was my babies uniform (onesie + BabyLegs) for like the first year of their lives.

  • Go Fish Leg Warmers (UV 50+) $12
  • Jelly Bean Stripped Leg Warmers $12
  • Camo Leg Warmers $8

Mini Boden: Seriously cute! I am planning to buy my girl a sparkle dress for her birthday (shhh it’s a surprise)

  • Skate Cargos $24

Etsy: Hand-made everything on here. Headbands are easy to find and hard not to buy tons.


What to wear – Family photography session December 1, 2010

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There is no need to run out and pick up outfits like these. They are just a guide. I wanted to give you something to look at that can help you decide what to wear during a family session. It is about matching coordinating colors, but not all being in the same exact clothes. These all have warm fall colors and are über casual. I happen to be in love with this lot. Add a hint of black accessories and you have seen me.

You can do your own style. Don’t be afraid to add your favorite colors. You don’t have to do what I did, IT’S JUST A GUIDE 🙂 And when all else fails, pick out a few and we’ll decide together when I get there.


Preparing for your session – Newborn Baby Photography September 1, 2009

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I love photographing newborns! Newborn photography sessions can be challenging, but it’s so amazing to be a part of a baby’s life when they just days old. There are many factors that have to come together for the session to go smoothly. Patience is very important for both photographer and the parents. Babies can pick up on anxiety or nervousness. A session can go quickly and be done in an hour, or it can take 3 hours to get beautiful images – the end result is totally worth it.

There is lots of preparation I go through to get ready for a newborn session. From looking for unique props to cleaning all my equipment and loading up my car, I can assure you that your session isn’t viewed as “another session” just like your baby isn’t “just another newborn”. I prepare differently for each session and I hope it shows.

Here are somethings you can do to help and prepare for your session.

Turn up the heat

First and very important the room or rooms we are planning to photograph your new little one in must be VERY WARM. The warmer the better, 80+.  For the adults it will be hot, but the baby will be toasty and happy. Space heaters are a great way to warm just one room. Another great thing to have on hand is a heating pad. I always try to remember to bring mine just in case.

Clothing (or not)

Baby in the buff

If you are interested in having nude shoots done, baby should be put in a cloth diaper about 30 minutes before their session. A cloth diaper will help prevent the lines usually left behind from other typical diapers. If you don’t have any on hand, try not to put the regular diaper on too tightly. Then dress baby in loose fitting, easy to remove clothes. That way if they are sleeping we can still take photos without disturbing them too much.


I think babies cloths are just about the cutest things ever made and there are a ton of great options.

My suggestions when choosing an outfit for your newborn:

  1. make sure it fits snugly
  2. if incorporating a blanket, either the outfit or the blanket should be simple in color and design
  3. accessories add a lot (yes even for boys, perhaps a little stuffed frog peeking out of bib jeans)
  4. dress to match the sofa

What I mean by the last one is you should keep in mind where the images will be hanging on your walls. If you living room is decorated in soothing blue and greens and now you baby has gorgeous photos dressed in red, it may not fit the space. There are always options if you have your heart set on an outfit that doesn’t match the room you plan to have the image in.


Nappy, diaper, cloth, disposable… which ever you are using can make for adorable photos when paired with a loved blanket. This is the image you will see a lot over the next couple of years as your little one grows. Capturing it when they are young makes for great memories.

Feed me Seymour

Well not me, but your babe. Feed the babe. I plan on there needing to be feeding time during the shoot. I have two little ones of my own and I know some babies eat every hour, not every 3 hours like some people will tell you. If you can have baby fed before we start, things will go just that little bit smoother. And if 5 minutes after I walk in they need to be fed again, no worries. If you breastfeed and can, have at least one bottle pumped for feeding. After the baby is full, make sure they are burped really good. Gas can take a sleepy, happy baby to an uncomfortable and irritable one in seconds.

Do Not Disturb

If the baby is sleeping, great! They are very angelic at this age and capturing that happens best while they are sleeping. If they are awake, great! Open eyes show how aware they are already at this young age.

11 other things to keep in mind

  1. Newborn portraits are unique in that they can’t be scheduled months out, but you can line up a session with me months out so I can build time into my calendar around your due date for your session. If you are scheduling your birth, let me know that as soon as possible.
  2. Call me soon after you deliver so you can arrange a time for the session. Ideally the session should take place within 5-10 days after birth, and no longer than 2 weeks after.
  3. The session will take place at your home – do not worry about the state of your house. You just had a baby. I do not care if dishes are piled up the sink and clothes baskets runneth over. I have a job to do, and I’m not there to care about how clean your house is.
  4. Collect any items you want used in the session beforehand – family heirlooms, toys, monogrammed blankets, etc. I’ll go through these with you to determine what will look best in the pictures.
  5. If you’d like pictures taken of the baby in the nursery, be sure all the curtains and shades are open to let in lots of natural light. No need to clean, but just try and make sure the clutter has found its way to a closet.
  6. Decide if you’d like pictures taken with your baby, or if want pictures of only the baby.
  7. A mother’s smell is so recognizable (and sometimes distracting) to a baby, that it may be necessary for the mom to leave the room for portions of the session. This is not meant to hurt your feelings, but only to allow me to get the baby thinking sweet sleepy dreams, instead of hungry “where’s my milk?” dreams.
  8. Be patient. If the baby gets fussy or alert, don’t stress out. A baby can sense your anxiety and we want to keep the environment as mellow as possible. We will try and get the baby comfortable again, but if that just doesn’t seem possible, we’ll take a break or we’ll work with what he’s giving us. Sometimes the best pictures are ones when the baby isn’t doing what we want.
  9. Be assured that if there is ever a point where you’re uncomfortable with the poses, simply let me know. I only want to do poses and shots that you are comfortable with.
  10. Unless the baby sleeps very good through the nights do not schedule the shoot in the morning.
  11. A majority of the pictures will work best if the baby is asleep so anything you can do in advance to encourage this is recommended.

Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact me.