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Baby Never Looked So Good!

Connor – Bountiful Newborn Photography January 24, 2012

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I’m back! Can you believe it? I didn’t realize my blogging would be the thing to suffer so when I had my third child. Now that my little man is getting bigger and will let me put him down, I am getting back into the swing of things. I was lucky enough to get to photograph this little one over the snowy weekend. His face was just so cute it wasn’t hard to pick out images for his gallery, he was so sweet in all of them. This session is more typical of a hospital session.
A little bit of heaven
Drifted down from above –
A handful of happiness,
A heart full of love.
The mystery of life,
So sacred and sweet
The giver of joy
So deep and complete.
Precious and priceless,
So lovable, too
The world’s sweetest miracle,
Baby boy, is you.

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I love photographing newborns, especially the tiny little ones that just can’t help but sleep. This little guy was an angel for his photos. Dad likes tools so we put him in his lumberjack suit and took a couple with his tools all around him. Really sweet boy and adorable doting parents. Thank you for letting come into your home to capture some of these first memories of Connor.


My Cabott – Farmington Baby Photographer Cortney Jones October 31, 2011

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As many of you know I was expecting my third child in September…well here he is in all his new baby bliss. After a very long time of trying to decide on a name we chose Cabott. There is something about him that is quite intoxicating for me. I love to breath him in and snuggle close. He spends most of the day in our big bed so it was fitting to take photos of him there. Pure white for pure innocents made for really beautiful images. This was a very different style for me. It pushes me to both expand my skills and to learn new technical methods really making these some of my favorite kind of photos.


Sweet boy – North Salt Lake Newborn Photography September 19, 2011

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Peek! This sweet 6 day old boy was so cute. And his big brother was so much fun. Congrats to Mom and Dad on your new addition!


Feature Friday: Blissful Bala Yoga – Northern Utah Newborn Photographer September 2, 2011

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Meet Gwyn. She is a first time mom and runs Blissful Bala Yoga. You have got to check this out! This is not your typical yoga class. These are BYOB for bring your own baby classes. I can’t wait until I can start after I have my baby. I first met Gwyn about 9 months ago right after she had her baby. Axel’s newborn session was really cute and once he was asleep his dreamy little face was to die for. Now with a killer smile Axel is still a great baby to photograph! Mommy and me yoga promotes so many great things, all of which are very apparent in this little man. Besides, look how much fun they are having!!

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Great way to bond with baby with amazing mutual benefits. Sounds pretty good, right?!


Oh Baby Daxon – Syracuse Newborn Photography August 16, 2011

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Baby Daxon was so interested in everything that I was doing that he did not want to go to sleep. An hour later and all my tricks being put to good use, he let me get the shot I wanted.

He had the most handsome blue eyes. I can’t wait to see if they stay as brilliant as he gets older.

He had killer eyelashes too. Once asleep he was quiet beautiful.

Mamma loved this little hat so we took a ton of photos with it. She liked it so much she ordered one in navy and brown for Daxon when he is a little older.


New Baby Announcement August 12, 2011

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The edge around the ‘m’ is called scallop. Mmm sounds delicious, like it wants me to eat it! This is a new custom designed announcement I made special for very wonderful client. Because it is custom designed all elements can be changed and made perfect for your little one, boy or girl. What do you think?


Sleeping handsomes – Utah Newborn Photography July 27, 2011

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I love a 9lbs+ baby!

Little man was really great to work with and so adorable. Soft skin, handsome face, nibblable  ears (I know I like to make up words,) he reminds me why I love my career.

















Ha ha this photo made me laugh so hard when I captured it. Big brother was so into what I was trying to do with little brother that he did it just like him, eyes closed and everything ­čÖé Isn’t big brothers hair beautiful?! I love it.











Thank you so much to these little ones parents. It was great meeting you and spending time with you and your gorgeous boys.