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Choosing a midwife – Christy Francis, CNM in Ogden, Utah August 5, 2011

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Another little bouncer is expected to join our family at the end of September. That will make this little man #3. Having gone to midwives for both of my first two pregnancies I knew I wanted to go to one again. Christy was an obvious choice for our family. Her office is inside Ogden Regional Hospital, she is knowledgeable and experienced, she is nice and professional. Those are all obvious things about her and her as a midwife. Those are all great reasons to choose her.  My criteria is a little more in-depth than choosing for obvious reasons.

Did you know she use to be a labor and delivery nurse? She is a Registered Nurse and has her MASTERS in Nursing, specializing in Midwifery. Christy is a wonderful example of someone who went above and beyond. She is not a lay midwife and that distinction should be recognized.

Here are a few reasons I have loved going to Christy:

  • With a pregnancy comes lots of appointments. I have two small children already who are not going to stay well behaved for too long. They get restless, they get rowdy. At Christy’s office I have never waited more than 25 minutes to see her, and that one day that I had to wait 25 minutes, she was assisting in a c-section. I was happy to wait, especially knowing, if I happen to need a c-section, she will still be there for me!
  • Closer to the beginning on my pregnancy I caught a really nasty stomach bug (I mean really horrible, up all night, I got to know my toilet intimately, stomach bug.) I texted Christy personally and asked a few questions. She responded right away and told me to come into the office for some ‘just in case’ IV fluids. I was very dehydrated and the IV fluids were wonderful! My color literally changed from the time I went into the office to the time I left. I was able to get the IV fluids I needed right in the office. Had I needed anything else Christy was right there to help. To me that experience alone was exactly how I would hope a caregiver would treat me. I feel like Christy not only cares for me as one of her patients, but also as a person.
  • Every time I have an appointment, I also get an ulta sound done. At the end I will have a CD of the ulta sounds for this little life that continues to grow. I will get to remember how he grew from month to month because there it all is on a CD. I didn’t realize how rare this is until I talked to other mother’s to be. I am very happy Christy offers this.
  • Everyone in the office is nice. With my son that is now 2.5 I went to 4 different midwives searching for a good fit. One of the first ones I went to had the worst office staff. Christy’s office has always made me and my family feel welcomed. Again, welcomed as a person not just a patient.
  • I could probably make a very long list of the reasons I chose Christy, but this last one is where I will stop. Christy has a calm nature about her. Currently my little bun is breech and while I was very concerned about what that might mean, Christy has made me feel very at ease about it now. She is not worried about it, especially at this point in my pregnancy, and has several things in mind we can try to turn him when the time is right. I trust her and that calmness puts my mind at rest. I know she has taken very good care of me and will continue to do so.

What do/did you look for in your CNM or Dr.?


Tips from a professional maternity photographer July 18, 2011

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Here are some tips for the do it yourselfer’s…

1 – Use a self timer and experiment! Set the camera on a tripod or a higher piece of furniture and work those curves.

2 – Rub that belly. Before taking pictures remove elastic on your tummy for 1-2 hours and massage the belly with lotion.

3 – Wear tight fitting clothes or break out the cute boy shorts and tank tops and strike a pose.

4 – Ask a partner to stand on an area higher than you and shoot downwards towards the belly for a better view.

5 – Photograph yourself in the mirror (no flash).

6 – Simplify your surroundings – remove the clutter so you can focus on the tummy.

7 – If you have other children, get them involved. Ask them to take a picture or use a self timer on both of you.

And if you go the professional route:

1 – Do your research and find a photographer who specializes in pregnancy portraiture – and newborn too!

2 – Don’t settle – find a photographer whose work you enjoy and don’t just grab anybody.

3 – Decide where you are most comfortable- home or on-location such as the park.

4 – Get plenty of sleep before the big day.

5 – On the day of the shoot, eat a great big meal and lots of water. Pregnancy sessions can be tiring. You want to be well-fed and hydrated.

6 – Rest up and don’t stand too much before your session.

7 – If the veins in your hands are bulging, raise them up above your head for a few minutes between photos.

8 – Grab your partner, baby’s sibling or pets and include them in the photo.

9 – Bring sentimental items such as baby shoes, jewelry, or items handed down from other generations, and include them in the photo.

10 – Have fun and relax. There is no other time quite like this!


Summer Mini Session – Poppy Field June 26, 2011

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I fell madly in love with this poppy field so this will be the location for summer mini-sessions.


•    20-30 minute session
•    Includes up to 4 people
•    10 high resolution images beautiful and edited on a CD, with print release
•    20% off print order
•    Perfect for those that don’t need a full session
•    These sessions can used for a quick maternity, but cannot be used for a newborn session. PS I’d LOVE to do a maternity session in these flowers. Can you imagine? Stunning for sure!


Photo Challenge | Bright & Vivid June 13, 2011

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This session in particular screamed bright & vivid. Those two words actually describe this couple pretty well too. In this photo mama is preggers with twins and two weeks after the shoot she was put on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. Good thing we got out there and did those maternity photos!!

What do you think?


What to wear – maternity April 27, 2011

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This bohemian inspired dress and shoes are popping up everywhere! I love the shoes so much I am running out to get a pair today. While you are doing the same and are in Layton, stop by Honey bump maternity. There are always great maternity photography outfits just waiting for you there. Nicole will help you find a few options for your session.





Double – Ogden Twin Maternity Photography November 2, 2010

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To know this couple is to love them. I am lucky enough to be related to them! Mama is my sister-in-law and if you ever have seen my children, you know where they got their good looks from 🙂 These two are about to become parents for the first time! AND THE SECOND!! They are expecting twins. But wait it gets better. They are getting one of each, a boy and a girl. I am over the moon with excitement for them and can hardly contain my joy for them. They are the perfect pair to be receiving such a miraculous  gift. It is not my story to tell, but just know, they were meant to have twins.


Once upon a time mommy and I,
wished upon a distant star,
We didn’t know if we’d get our wish,
the chances seemed rather far.
We asked God for a little girl,
To cuddle and hold tight,
To love and squeeze and give
a gentle kiss goodnight.
Well, God was listening and the answer
came straight from the blue.
Not only did we get one little angel,
He saw fit to give us a boy too…
I asked dad what his reaction was when he found out they were having twins… he said that he was really happy!

It was next to impossible trying to pick out only a few images to share.

Thanks to the expectant parents for letting me capture this wonderful time in your life (and for making me an aunt x2.)


Bare belly maternity photography October 17, 2010

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Melissa pretty much couldn’t take a bad photograph. I tried all sorts of different angles and she is gorgeous in all of them. And that porcelain skin…all natural, I didn’t have to do a thing to it. She also happens to be incredibly sweet, good natured, and funny! As you can see from her AMAZING photos she was open to anything and allowed me to capture some really beautiful images of her bare belly. The baby boy in her belly is named Manolo. Isn’t that darling?! I love it and think it is a handsome name for her little one.