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Baby Never Looked So Good!

My Cabott – Farmington Baby Photographer Cortney Jones October 31, 2011

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As many of you know I was expecting my third child in September…well here he is in all his new baby bliss. After a very long time of trying to decide on a name we chose Cabott. There is something about him that is quite intoxicating for me. I love to breath him in and snuggle close. He spends most of the day in our big bed so it was fitting to take photos of him there. Pure white for pure innocents made for really beautiful images. This was a very different style for me. It pushes me to both expand my skills and to learn new technical methods really making these some of my favorite kind of photos.


Oh baby! – North Salt Lake Newborn Photography June 16, 2011

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First, let me say the two little boys in this family are soo adorable! I could not get over how well behaved and how mellow their toddler was, and how he was totally potty trained. I especially love that their toddler speaks more Korean than his daddy. It was great to visit their home and capture their new little one for them to have these wonderful memories. HAPPY early FATHER’S DAY!

Isn’t he just gorgeous?! A lot of new things used for these photos, which is your favorite?

PS Thanks Mama for letting me borrow your potty training book! We are planning to do the 3 day plan a week from tomorrow.


How ya doin Red? – Utah Newborn Photography May 26, 2011

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Two sets of grandparents, two dogs, cousins, and both parents were all waiting for me when it was time to do little Red’s photos. I did photos with all the grandparents, both as sets and individual photos just with Red. I am not showing any of those images out of respect for the wishes of one very protective grandfather.

Isn’t his red hair just adorable?!

A handsome boy indeed. Thank you to his parents for letting me photograph him and his wonderful family.


Nola – Layton Newborn Photography January 10, 2011

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Nola! Don’t you just love her name?! I do. I love unique names that are sweet and beautiful all at the same time. That is how I would describe Nola too. I was asked recently how I get so many babies to smile for me. While that is my little secret, but Nola had no trouble at all just giving them out.

Lovely rings on the cutest little perfect feet. A lot newborns have dry or cracking skin especially on their feet, but not Nola, her’s were perfectly smooth and practically edible 🙂

Thank you to Nola’s Mama and Papa. You have a darling family and I was happy to get to photograph your new little love.


Baby Jackson – Farmington Newborn Photographer Cortney Jones December 10, 2010

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In another life this mama and I met at Weber State University and played with the same group of friends. Now with 4 children between the two of us and almost all of the group living very different lives, I felt drawn to that time in my life. I am classically trained in photography, so that means film. Wonderful brilliant whites and dark as night blacks! I could just coo over the creaminess and real emotional feel to stunning black and white photographs developed from film. I know this is not a typical sneak peak from me, but I am in love with this image. It was right at the end of the session and he wanted to melt into mama so bad, but I just had to get one more shot. I think it was worth him fussing a little at the end.


симпатичный Little Russian – Utah Hospital Photography October 1, 2010

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симпатичный = handsome

One day old and seriously handsome!


Sneak Peak of Little Lucas – North Salt Lake Newborn Photography September 20, 2010

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Sneak peak…