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Baby Never Looked So Good!

My Cabott – Farmington Baby Photographer Cortney Jones October 31, 2011

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As many of you know I was expecting my third child in September…well here he is in all his new baby bliss. After a very long time of trying to decide on a name we chose Cabott. There is something about him that is quite intoxicating for me. I love to breath him in and snuggle close. He spends most of the day in our big bed so it was fitting to take photos of him there. Pure white for pure innocents made for really beautiful images. This was a very different style for me. It pushes me to both expand my skills and to learn new technical methods really making these some of my favorite kind of photos.


Sweet 16 – Farmington Childrens Photography October 26, 2011

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Love love love her smile. At sweet 16 months, this little miss is too cute! I am lucky enough to have her as a model again now that her family has moved back to Utah, YAY!! Little misses mama happens to be a dear friend of mine. She is specially adorable to me because I have been able to photographer her since she could hear her mama’s heart from the inside 🙂 The last photo of her in her halloween costume is just for her mama who said she thinks it’s cute. I think it’s the best ladybug face ever!


Mine – Farmington Photographer Cortney Jones April 28, 2011

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These two are mine.

A very special and BIG thank you to Rachel for bringing over your duckies Pee, Bee, and Jay, ha ha I just got that right now, LOL!! You made my kids day and it was so so good to see you and catch up a little.


Elizabeth – Farmington Utah Photographer Cortney Jones February 3, 2011

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Elizabeth happens to be the beloved daughter of one of my dearest friends. Elizabeth’s mother and I are connected in a way few people understand and now that she is a mother, our bond is stronger than ever. Elizabeth is an adorable little girl who is surly going to be the coolest kid in her class, at least once her classmates get wind of her parents profession. Her mother and father are both in the army. Big deal you say…well her mother happens to be brilliant and flies black hawk helicopters and her father is an amazing man in the special forces. Both have already give 10-15 years worth of service and spent time in the war. That’s the biggest deal I can think of 🙂 (and there is always the fact that they made a really cute kid!)

Elizabeth started her session off wide awake and very aware of me and the camera.

Big tough special forces daddy is also a fan of Star Wars. I forgot to mention that Elizabeth full name is Elizabeth Pixie Chewbacca. Not really but her parents haven’t let anyone ever really believe other wise.

Perfect little toes and feet!

At the end of the session she wake up happy and gave me the same look of “did you get my photo?”

Too cute little miss! Wish you guys lived closer. To Elizabeth parents: Thank you for letting me nuzzle and inhale your daughters intoxicating baby scent. She really is just so beautiful.