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Maternity Leave – Sept. 11 – Oct. 31 August 22, 2011

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Well, the time has come to announce my maternity leave plans. Although, I am not due until the end of September, I am going to play catch-up with my sessions instead of taking on more. Therefore I am not scheduling any sessions after Sept. 11th. If you are having a baby before then, don’t wait, schedule your session now!

With my son I had only a very short time before I began working from home and I have always wished I had chosen more wisely my priorities. This baby is going to get my full attention for at least the first month of his life. Thus, I will only begin scheduling session again after Oct. 31st. Holiday sessions can be scheduled the first part of November and I promise all images will be ready before December, for those wanting holiday cards.

If you are having a baby while I am on leave and need a referral, I know several talented photographers that would be happy to help you.

Wish me luck!


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