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What do you want for Mother’s Day? April 15, 2011

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Bouncin’ Baby Photography

with Cortney Jones


The following specials are available to purchase either for a session now or in the future. Must be purchased by May 7th.

Mama your day is just around the corner! Tell them for Mother’s Day you want the gift of memories! Below I have listed 4 packages. In order to participate in these photo sessions, you must either choose a package below or put a deposit of $200.00 towards any products. Bouncin’ Baby offers storyboards, standouts, prints, albums, digital copies and introducing custom jewelry.

All sessions will take place on location. Upon reservation booking, you will receive a confirmation with a mini product guide.

Custom Jewelry! Beautiful pieces worth every memory they hold. Add additional charms to your pieces for just the cost of the new charm. The best thing is, it’s simple… here’s how it works:

1. Purchase the new charm
2. Send your existing BB bracelet, necklace, etc… back to me
3. I’ll add, replace and re-space the charms for FREE, and ship it back to you

Easy, right. Now your can update jewelry as your family grows or grows up.


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