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Elizabeth – Farmington Utah Photographer Cortney Jones February 3, 2011

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Elizabeth happens to be the beloved daughter of one of my dearest friends. Elizabeth’s mother and I are connected in a way few people understand and now that she is a mother, our bond is stronger than ever. Elizabeth is an adorable little girl who is surly going to be the coolest kid in her class, at least once her classmates get wind of her parents profession. Her mother and father are both in the army. Big deal you say…well her mother happens to be brilliant and flies black hawk helicopters and her father is an amazing man in the special forces. Both have already give 10-15 years worth of service and spent time in the war. That’s the biggest deal I can think of 🙂 (and there is always the fact that they made a really cute kid!)

Elizabeth started her session off wide awake and very aware of me and the camera.

Big tough special forces daddy is also a fan of Star Wars. I forgot to mention that Elizabeth full name is Elizabeth Pixie Chewbacca. Not really but her parents haven’t let anyone ever really believe other wise.

Perfect little toes and feet!

At the end of the session she wake up happy and gave me the same look of “did you get my photo?”

Too cute little miss! Wish you guys lived closer. To Elizabeth parents: Thank you for letting me nuzzle and inhale your daughters intoxicating baby scent. She really is just so beautiful.


One Response to “Elizabeth – Farmington Utah Photographer Cortney Jones”

  1. Tammie Says:

    OMG How adorable. Thank you for your services, Congratulations on your miracle

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