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What to wear – Babies January 4, 2011

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Newborns: Less is better. A diaper cover is all you need and rather than a plain disposable one, these come in all sizes – even newborn – and a wide range of fun colors.

Bigger Babies and Crawlers: You probably have a closet filled with cute outfits, but this might not be the right time for layers and ruffles. It can be a disaster with a constantly scrunched-up baby. The more time spent tucking in a shirt + moving away a collar ruffle or pulling down a dress = more missed shots and an annoyed baby. Simple pieces like a fun onesie or diaper cover with some BabyLegs are adorable.

Walkers: Breakout the layers and fun outfits! Once your child can walk, a  skirt or dress with a cardigan, t-shirt with a button down top, etc are perfect. Keep it simple (nothing that needs to be tucked in) and comfortable! This makes life super easy during the outfit change too, just take the top layer off 🙂

Cake Smashers (age 1+): This is going to get really messy, really fast – so a colorful diaper cover is all you need! If you aren’t familiar with the concept it’s simple:

cake + child + camera = hilarious

Quick note: Accessories, hats and headbands are definitely cute, but not every child will wear a hat, so don’t force it. The hat-on hat-off scene is a sure way to upset a baby. If you have something special you want in the photos, consider practicing wearing it once or twice before the shoot. The more comfortable your child is, the better the photos will be!

Newborns and toddlers can be unpredictable,  it’s always a smart move to bring a second outfit.

These are just examples; you can find similar items at traditional stores like Old Navy, Gap, or Target.

Luvaboos:  Luvaboos is a natural parenting store and baby boutique that specializes in cloth diapers. Even if you’re a 100% disposable person, their covers are too adorable and totally fit over disposables!

  • Happy Heinys Pocket Trainer (orange) $15.95
  • Blueberry Cloth Trainers (green) $15.95
  • FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diaper (white) $17.95
  • Bummi Super Brite Diaper Cover (mixed) $12.25

Kitsel: Be sure to take a minute and browse their full line of T’s and onesies – they are too funny! The Mitetees “Production” personalized  onesie is a personal favorite.

  • Shabby Baby Hibiscus Dress $42
  • Felt Blooming Flowers Onesie $29
  • Headphones Onesie $23 (also comes as a t-shirt)
  • Chick Magnet T-shirt $22.95
  • See You Later, Alligator Onesie $28.00 (also as a short-sleeved onesie and t-shirt)

BabyLegs: This is one of the most brilliant items ever. They can be used as leggings in babies and toddlers, worn on the arms of children and was my babies uniform (onesie + BabyLegs) for like the first year of their lives.

  • Go Fish Leg Warmers (UV 50+) $12
  • Jelly Bean Stripped Leg Warmers $12
  • Camo Leg Warmers $8

Mini Boden: Seriously cute! I am planning to buy my girl a sparkle dress for her birthday (shhh it’s a surprise)

  • Skate Cargos $24

Etsy: Hand-made everything on here. Headbands are easy to find and hard not to buy tons.


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