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Tessa & McKenzie – Pleasant View Twin Photography August 19, 2010

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Totally, helplessly, in love! I would have gladly stayed all day and all night with these little ones. Besides being wonderfully cute and soft and squishy, they each were quite noisy in their slumber. And I LOVE BABY SOUNDS! Each little coo or grunt made me swoon. I think my kiddos may be getting a sibling ahead of schedule at this rate, and me I’ll take twins! (Thank goodness I kind of get my secret wish, my sister-in-law is having twins in January)

Born 7 weeks early we did their newborn session just before they would have been full term. These two lovelies were great. Each definitely has her own personality. Tessa (can be distinguished by her beauty birth-mark on her right arm) was supposed to be the more laid back “mama’s good sleeper.” Turns out Mckenzie doesn’t mind sleeping through the camera going and repositioning. These binky babies let me capture so much, 3 hours flew by.

Mama you have a beautiful family, thank you for letting me photograph your girls and capturing these moments that are gone way too fast.

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2 Responses to “Tessa & McKenzie – Pleasant View Twin Photography”

  1. Nicole Says:

    These are the best pictures ever!!!! Seriously….I wish I had twins just so you could take their pictures. This was awesome. Beautiful !!

  2. Donene Jones Says:

    These photo’s are darling!!! You do such a great job capturing all of their cute features!!!

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