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Planning Your Maternity Photography Session July 21, 2010

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The birth of baby is a wonderful life changing event. Maternity photography is an ideal way to capture the magical period of time before that momentous event. Maternity portraits are a great addition to any baby album and parents should try to include at least one set in the chronicle of their baby’s life.


Good points to consider and keep in mind when preparing for maternity portraits:


When planning your maternity photography session, its best to try and schedule the shoot between week thirty-one (31) and thirty-six(36). If this is not convenient it’s wise to keep me constantly updated with your plans so that we can set the shoot up on  short notice. You don’t want to lose the optimal window of opportunity! Maternity photography sessions are not easily re-scheduled if missed due to the nature of birth.

General Preparation

You and I will discuss the overall style of the maternity session thoroughly in the initial stages of planning. This normally happens during your pre-consultation. Points such as photographic style, props, clothing and details should be decided early in the process. We are going to have a fun maternity photography shoot. You can relax and really enjoy the session and know that your memories of being pregnant are being captured.

Maternity Photography Planning Specifics

I will guide you smoothly through the maternity photography process, but here are a couple of pointers to keep in mind for the shoot.

1. Clothing

Deciding on clothing is an important part of the maternity photography planning process. I suggest a casual outfit and a cute dressy outfit. Mothers who want to pose topless or nude are able to do so in the comfort of your home or a secluded location. Draping material or wraps are also another choice as far as clothing. Draping allows for exposed bellies, but can still be modest, or not 😉

2. Maternity Photography Props

With maternity photography, props can add significantly to the overall feel of the images or they can distract. Toys, items of clothing, baby furniture and accessories all make great additions to the session. If you want more of a lifestyle session then most likely you’ll forgo the usual props so that main focus is on you.

3. Maternity Photography Setting

There are usually two locations chosen for my maternity photography; outside (as I am a natural light photographer) on location or in-home.

The more commonly chosen setting is the home as it lends a far more intimate and familiar feeling. Just be sure that your that the home is prepared for the upcoming shoot. Make sure the baby’s room is set up as well. I will most likely want to take a few shoots in the babies room as well as throughout the home.

I will try to arrive a few minutes before the session starts to look around and find the best light in the home.

Dos and Don’ts

  • Try and avoid wearing clothes with elastic seams as they leave marks on the skin.
  • Avoid trying any new funky hairstyles before your session.
  • Avoid using oily lotions on your skin prior to the shoot. They tend to reflect flash and fill lighting and can spoil shots.
  • Try and have a manicure prior to the shoot as your hands are often the focal point of many of the photos.
  • Lip gloss or chap stick makes a big difference in close up head and shoulder shots.
  • Make arrangements to contain pets during the shoot.
  • Get daddy to join you in a few photos.
  • Relax, have fun and trust me!

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