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Farmington Festival!! July 12, 2010

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Thanks to everyone that stopped by the booth to say hello and enter the drawing. Winners will be announced Wednesday.

What a fun day! Minus the fact that it started at 6:00am and ended at midnight, Farmington Festival Day was great.


Shopping…of course I support my locals! There was the best stuff there!

I got a super cute HUGE flower hair band from Butterfly Wings and Tiny Things. I think I might be slightly addicted to their products. They are so cute and unique and believe me, I have looked at a lot of baby head bands, I know a unique product. The one I got is actually for myself, but you will be seeing some of their stuff in my photos soon, I am very inspired by what I saw.

Adjustment…Chiropractic, sorry no attitude adjustments here :p

Besides not having a headache all day which is sometimes the case when I don’t get enough sleep, my adjustment was literally just what the doctor ordered. Dr. Cory Bingham has great  bedside manner and was very informative. The runners from the Marathon were lucky to have him there giving adjustments after.

Best of all, I learned a lot about pediatric chiropractics. More importantly about how wonderfully relieving it can be for newborns to get an adjustment. Colic, reflex, terrible discomfort, can all be caused by the contortion act that babies go through during birth. A chiropractic adjustment can relieve a babes troubles. If you are interested he can be reached at 801-292-1200 or 1525 North Main Street in Bountiful.

Check it out my 4 year old got one too!

Bouncin’ Baby’s Booth

Just a modest little place…looks just like my living room 😉


One Response to “Farmington Festival!!”

  1. Brooke Sanchez Says:

    You have the most adorable pictures! I can’t wait to book a session with you! Thank you for coming over to meet us and we wish you the very best of luck!
    Brooke w/ Butterfly Wings and Tiny Things

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