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What to wear – maternity May 25, 2010

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With the help of my fashion savvy friends, I put together two outfits for ideas of what to wear during a maternity shoot. I don’t pretend to know why these things are fashionable or anything about style. My own style needs help. But, I do know that the outfits are both flattering to wear and comfortable (ok and they are freaking cute!)

For a casual look, that is fun and flirty.

As soon as you put on a dress it becomes “dressy,” but you can still keep it from becoming glamor by adding only simple accessories.

Both outfits have great lines. We want to be able to see your belly because that is what a maternity shoot is all about. At the same time, the lines are nice and hide possible unflattering areas.

Great to have during maternity shoots:

  • long necklaces
  • dress outfit
  • casual outfit (jeans are always a great choice)
  • belly/body band
  • clothing with texture
  • clothing you are comfortable in
  • accessories, accessories, accessories

Just some ideas to get you started. Being pregnant is beautiful so no worries about whether you are going to look good, you already do.


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