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Beautiful Story – Maternity Shoot May 17, 2010

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When we are growing up we here lots of stories. This mama has a beautiful one to tell her daughter, expected to arrive June 10th, about how she came to join their family. I’ll let her decide if she wants to tell it, but lets just say they were high school sweet-hearts. Melissa is one of those mama that you know is going to be amazing. From the way she talked about having children before she was pregnant, to how she has enjoyed everything about her pregnancy. Her sweet nature and positive attitude is something to be admired and truly wonderful qualities to have in a mother. And she is stunning so that’s also great to have passed down from your mother. Cambree is a lucky little girl and I know these two will be two peas in a pod. So happy for you Lissy! Click images to view larger.


2 Responses to “Beautiful Story – Maternity Shoot”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I loved my maternity photos! I’m so glad I did them and I’m sure little miss Cambree will love having a photo of when she was in my belly. Thank you so much, they turned out beautiful!

  2. […] lucky enough to have her as a model again now that her family has moved back to Utah, YAY!! Little misses mama happens to be a dear friend of mine. She is specially adorable to me because I have been able to […]

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