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Special Requests – yes we do that! March 4, 2010

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This experience is all about capturing a fleeting moment that will never happen again. Personalizing it is a great way to have those memories continue to be special forever. I love to photograph babies in just a diaper and with their own blanket because it shows them so natural and distinguishes them from every other child. This bouncin’ baby boy had a daddy with an idea. I started the session and dad asks if he could make a special request. Of course! I am always willing to incorporate any ideas the parents have. Dad’s favorite shirt was with him at the hospital and he wanted his new babe photographer with it. Great idea! Dad then put his favorite shirt on for family portraits. Little man did so good and we got very unique, very sweet moments photographed.


One Response to “Special Requests – yes we do that!”

  1. Jessica Nielsen Says:

    I absolutely LOVE the in hospital shots, they are just so cute, I get sucked into looking at them all the time!! Those moments go by so fast and its great to be able to have them captured!!

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