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The blog has a new home! March 13, 2012

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Connor – Bountiful Newborn Photography January 24, 2012

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I’m back! Can you believe it? I didn’t realize my blogging would be the thing to suffer so when I had my third child. Now that my little man is getting bigger and will let me put him down, I am getting back into the swing of things. I was lucky enough to get to photograph this little one over the snowy weekend. His face was just so cute it wasn’t hard to pick out images for his gallery, he was so sweet in all of them. This session is more typical of a hospital session.
A little bit of heaven
Drifted down from above –
A handful of happiness,
A heart full of love.
The mystery of life,
So sacred and sweet
The giver of joy
So deep and complete.
Precious and priceless,
So lovable, too
The world’s sweetest miracle,
Baby boy, is you.

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I love photographing newborns, especially the tiny little ones that just can’t help but sleep. This little guy was an angel for his photos. Dad likes tools so we put him in his lumberjack suit and took a couple with his tools all around him. Really sweet boy and adorable doting parents. Thank you for letting come into your home to capture some of these first memories of Connor.


Lovable Urban Family Photos November 10, 2011

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Down town Kaysville has a great little section for photos. I have always loved the colors of the building and offices around the movie theater. They recently re-painted so it looks really nice and cleaned up. A great location for a great family. A couple of years ago I did family photos for them and they were so wonderful to work with. Now with another baby boy in the family it was definitely time to do family photos again. Mama is into photography and obviously has an eye for it. She chose colors that were so fun and I adore the matching ties all the boys have on. Mama knows her attention to detail!

LOOK AT HIS FACE!! I just love it! Weeeee

Brotherly love

I put in an order for a blue eyed baby, but I just don’t think I am ever going to get one like this. Stunning baby blues. I am so jealous.

All big brother needs is a halo and he’d be perfect in this image.

He was such a happy boy and man oh man was he smiley.

It is such a pleasure to see your family grow. Thank you for letting me capture some photos with you in them too mama. Keep snapping away!


My Cabott – Farmington Baby Photographer Cortney Jones October 31, 2011

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As many of you know I was expecting my third child in September…well here he is in all his new baby bliss. After a very long time of trying to decide on a name we chose Cabott. There is something about him that is quite intoxicating for me. I love to breath him in and snuggle close. He spends most of the day in our big bed so it was fitting to take photos of him there. Pure white for pure innocents made for really beautiful images. This was a very different style for me. It pushes me to both expand my skills and to learn new technical methods really making these some of my favorite kind of photos.


Sweet 16 – Farmington Childrens Photography October 26, 2011

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Love love love her smile. At sweet 16 months, this little miss is too cute! I am lucky enough to have her as a model again now that her family has moved back to Utah, YAY!! Little misses mama happens to be a dear friend of mine. She is specially adorable to me because I have been able to photographer her since she could hear her mama’s heart from the inside 🙂 The last photo of her in her halloween costume is just for her mama who said she thinks it’s cute. I think it’s the best ladybug face ever!


Take your camera off Auto! – Part 2 – Camera Controls Part 1 August 26, 2011

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One of the first things I suggest doing is to sit down and learn your camera. If it were me with a brand new DSLR I would go through the manual. Love the manual, it is your friend. For now little by little I’ll tell you what it says 🙂

If you have a DSLR, your camera dial looks something like this.

Many people use their camera dial without truly knowing what it is doing. You can get great photos using these dials and there is a reason why they are on there.

Auto Modes – Camera Controls

The Auto button (the green button) takes full control. It evaluates a scene and meters itself and creates the settings. You do not adjust the controls at all, the camera will do it for you and it may pop up the flash. This can work or not! This is best used when you are running around in daylight at a state fair and you need to take quick pictures. Many times images are backlit or overexposed. Every once in awhile you could get a winner.

I put my camera on auto and handed it off to my sister-in-law so I could be in the photo. The auto choose the arch as the more important subject matter and we are hidden in the shadow.

Program Mode is a lot like Automatic mode – the camera will still do most of the setup work for you — but it allows you to manually override some settings. I am a big fan of using the Program Mode when I am in a low light situation but need to get the photo fast. I can decide I don’t want anything above 800 ISO so the grain won’t show up too much in my images. If you didn’t understand any of that, don’t worry, I’ll get to all of it. Icon = P

I couldn’t miss that face!

Portrait Mode – Icon = a head in profile. Use this mode when you want a subject in the foreground in sharp focus. Pretty straightforward. If you have good light, a still subject, and the main focus of the image will be a face, use Portrait Mode.

Check, check, check. Good light, beautiful still model, and the image is focused on her beautiful face…Portrait Mode is a good choice.

Macro Mode – Icon = a flower. Use this mode for extreme close-up shots. This is great for your still objects. Again, you need to watch your light. Most lenses that come with your DSLR are not specifically macro lenses, but this mode will allow for better close up images. To really get the eye of a bug image, you will need a macro lens.

Notice how blurry the background is. This is because the macro mode is focused on the butterfly.

Night Scene Mode – Icon = starry field. Use this mode when you’re shooting a subject at night. This setting illuminates the subject with the flash, while keeping the shutter open longer to provide more light for the background. Remember when the shutter is open longer you can create blur in your image if you or your subject are not still.

I am not a big fan of the ‘pop-up’ flash that most camera have built into them. I try to avoid using it at all costs, but sometimes there is a use for it. You can actually see the flash reflecting off the dancers head in this image.

Sports Mode – Icon = a running figure. Use this mode for shooting scenes with lots of motion, which you want to capture without blurring. This mode does not exist on earlier models of Canon cameras.

Run! Run!

Landscape Mode – Icon = mountains. Use this mode when you want a wide-angle shot with the background in focus.

For practice try to use each one of these modes this weekend. Let me know how it goes.

Next… the creative side of the dial.


Maternity Leave – Sept. 11 – Oct. 31 August 22, 2011

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Well, the time has come to announce my maternity leave plans. Although, I am not due until the end of September, I am going to play catch-up with my sessions instead of taking on more. Therefore I am not scheduling any sessions after Sept. 11th. If you are having a baby before then, don’t wait, schedule your session now!

With my son I had only a very short time before I began working from home and I have always wished I had chosen more wisely my priorities. This baby is going to get my full attention for at least the first month of his life. Thus, I will only begin scheduling session again after Oct. 31st. Holiday sessions can be scheduled the first part of November and I promise all images will be ready before December, for those wanting holiday cards.

If you are having a baby while I am on leave and need a referral, I know several talented photographers that would be happy to help you.

Wish me luck!